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Lorraine Falcone


Naturally Organized can only be successful if our systems and techniques work for our clients. Read what clients are saying about our service, skills and knowledge:

Karin P. Derry, NH
“I hired Naturally Organized to help me with organizing and de-cluttering my home office of 25 years of paper and sundry items. Sharlene kept me focused on the task as well as providing useful “homework” tips.”
Kelly M. Reading, MA
"Hi Lorraine, Sharlene was fabulous! We got sooo much done; I'm thrilled, and looking forward to doing more! I'm really happy with what we accomplished. Thanks so much."
Jennifer S. Wolfeboro, NH
“Debbie is so sweet and so non-judgmental. It’s like having a friend help me; I can’t say enough about her. All the systems we’ve created are working. She listens to me and understands I need to see things or I’ll forget I have them and buy more. I want her to keep working with me, she’s great”
Leona, Penacook, NH
“I just wanted to let you know that we had our first session with Debbie yesterday and I’m totally pleased. She was easy to work with and did way more than I was expecting. We did my closet and I can’t even describe how wonderful it looks and makes me feel. I can’t wait to get to the rest of the house.“
Valerie, Manchester, NH
"I couldn't be more thrilled. Lorraine transformed my office into a money making machine. I love to work in it. All her services are worth the investment. Lorraine is fantastic at her craft. She first started reorganizing my office and made it more functional which has made me more successful. Second she helped me declutter all my small possessions in my bedroom. It looks amazing! She thinks out of the box and is an artist. I would highly recommend Lorraine."
John. Merrimack, NH
“Sharlene was absolutely wonderful & fun to work with, and your company made the cleanup a non-nightmare to get this furnace project going on time! I am *SO* glad I called. Thanks again.”
Alan, Andover, MA
"Lorraine is the consummate professional. She is right to task and wastes no time delivering the results needed. I could not recommend her any higher!"
Sharon, Manchester, NH
"Just wanted to tell you that your Newsletter on Clutter came at the perfect time! I have many things I’ve been holding onto and know I need to purge. The article explains how and why in just the right way, so I feel like I can let go of some “things”, recalling my mantra that "the most important things in life aren’t things” anyway! Thank you for all you do!"
Cindy, Bedford, NH
"Hello Lorraine, Spending time talking (coaching) with you helped me more than you'll ever know. Thank you for your support, compassion and direction. You are a great person."
Susan, Nashua, NH
"Hi Lorraine - lock box on the front door, in MLS and advertised in Sunday's Telegraph! You have been such an integral part of getting me to this point of listing my home and for me feeling confident in how it looks inside. I feel so lucky to have found you! :-) "
Amy, Hampstead, NH
"Lorraine helped me organize my bedroom and closet. It was hoarder ville central almost. We got rid of and donated loads of stuff. Without her I never would have tackled it. She also helped me organize my kitchen cabinets. Why didn't I hire Lorraine years ago ,I ask myself. Life is so much better, it's so freeing. I highly recommend her! She was punctual and ready to tackle my big jobs!
Terri Hamilton
Owner, Apparent Connection LLC
"I highly recommend Lorraine as an organizer and speaker. She is thoughtful, encouraging and resourceful. She is respectful when responding to ideas and concerns of her clients and offers wonderful tips to make your life less hectic! Your time with Lorraine is time well spent."
Laurie, Milford, NH
"Hello Lorraine! I continue to enjoy receiving your newsletter. I've missed hearing that smiling approach from you in person! I certainly benefited from your positive and encouraging approach, and, continue to be very grateful for the incredible work and support you gave."
M.T. Londonderry, NH
"It was great meeting with you today! Your advice & expertise were invaluable & really motivated me to tackle other things I have been putting off for a long time. I really felt a sense of accomplishment at the end of our session."
Jennifer, Milford, NH
"Dear Lorraine, It has been a long time since our 1st and only session but the tools you gave me stuck with me! I'm not sure if you remember but my spare room was a catch-all space. Well I can actually walk in that space. Those 12 bins of paperwork are down to 5. got me on the right track. Thanks for your help and I really hope to have you back soon."
Joie, Reading MA
"Love your emails ...thanks! Think of you often with thanks and appreciation; I love being so organized, it's easy now that I have a place for everything and have everything in place!"
Barbara, Dracut, MA
"Naturally Organized helped my husband and me move from our 8 room home of over 30 years to a smaller condo. Lorraine helped with all aspects of sorting, packing, and donating or discarding extra furniture, clothing and household items. Naturally Organized also helped set up & organize our new home. I would highly recommend them."
D.C. Nashua, NH
"Lorraine You’ve helped me a lot this past year, it's been extremely stressful and emotional. Having you there to talk to every week has helped to keep me focused on my priorities. I would not have been able to get through it without your help. Your positive attitude and encouragement gives me the strength to tackle big decisions and helps keep me focused on what's most important. You've encouraged me to put one foot in front of the other (one step at a time). You're a natural at this coaching stuff and I'm so glad to have found you. Thank you from the deepest part of my heart. I truly appreciate you."
Mary, Dracut MA
"In 3 short hours, Lorraine helped me to transform 3 full closets with “nothing to wear” to one closet full of easy-to-find and coordinated outfits for work, weekends or other, leaving plenty of closet space free to store other items. My morning routine is 10 times easier! Since working with Lorraine, putting together an outfit for each day has gone from a time-consuming ordeal to a quick, easy choice that allows me to get out the door and on to my day. Lorraine’s friendly and consultative style makes her a true pleasure to work with. I have recommended her services to other career women and friends."
Judith, Amherst NH
"Lorraine Falcone and I have been working together for several years. Lorraine has taught me great organizational skills which I utilize even when she's not with me. I can hear her voice guiding me along. Lorraine is always professional and extremely trustworthy, she is warm, good humored and all around great to work with. She is an important part of my life and adds much on many levels. I'm happy to and heartily recommend Lorraine."
Lynda, Londonderry, NH
"Dear Lorraine, I marvel at what I've managed to accomplish so far with your assistance and encouragement! FINALLY, I'm feeling confident enough in my "space" to invite people over! That is something I haven't felt free to do in the 5 years. I accomplish so much more in the day and find myself even having enough energy to workout a few days a week. This organizing is really addictive and in such a great way - it is amazing how much quicker it is to get things in order once everything really does have it's place. I would encourage anyone who has organization and time management struggles to take the plunge and have you come over to help to get started on the path to organization - especially if they have young kids! My only regret is that I waited so long to make the call!"
Joie, Reading, MA
"A pleasant experience. Very knowledgeable. Listens to customers needs and wants and makes positive suggestions. Stays in constant contact with the client confirming were they are in the process."
Caroline, Littleton MA
"I'm so grateful for your skills, your patience, your energy, and this little revolution you have gotten going in my life."
Julie Gray
"Lorraine has a special talent for creating the right space during a coaching call for me to get very clear about what it is I need to move forward. As a coach she has a knack for offering encouragement, asking the right questions, or bringing me back to focus at just the right time. If you are someone who is unclear about your next move - I highly recommend you hire Lorraine - she will make the pathway clear!"
Judy , Lunenburg, MA
" We've worked once a month for almost a year to declutter and organize my home. Lorraine has been great to work with, good ideas to keep things organized, always working to find the best method that works for ME."
Yvonne, Lowell, MA
"Lorraine is an expert at getting things done. Her ability to listen, her attention to detail, and her mindfulness of the budget shows she truly focuses on her clients. Lorraine brings order out of chaos. I am convinced she can organize any home or office!"
Yvonne, Atkinson, NH
"Lorraine has some very great ideas about organizing spaces. She is right there working with you to get things done. She has helped me organize several rooms including a garage and an attic I thought would be impossible to tackle."
Jane, Tyngsboro, MA
"Lorraine impressed me with her professionalism, her knowledge of the product, and her organizing skills. Her design for my needs was so absolutely perfect! I am amazed at how much more open space I have with her design. I love walking into my large closet/dressing room and knowing exactly where everything is.”
Gail, Hudson NH
“I attended a local workshop conducted by Lorraine Falcone on the topic of getting organized. Her talk was motivating and gave me great ideas on how to de-stress my mornings. I believe every working woman would benefit from her knowledge so I recommended that she conduct a workshop to my work organization.“
Linda, Hudson, NH
“Lorraine is an excellent speaker with a lot of good ideas. She gives you hope! She is very motivating and works with you, not for you.”
Candice, Tyngsboro, MA
"Lorraine is kind and so helpful! She really takes the time to understand your needs and helps you get organized in a way you can maintain."
Karen L. Mount Vernon, NH
"Hi Lorraine, Just wanted to tell you how much that little bit we did the other day has been a HUGE help to me. You have already made a difference."