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11 Ideas On How To Repurpose This Household Item.

Have you ever unpacked a new set of sheets or a new comforter and asked yourself how the zippered plastic bag could be repurposed? It seems a waste to throw them away right?

Well here’s a list of how you might repurpose these bags.

One of the most unique ideas I’ve ever seen was in Garden Gate Magazine.

The article states that Sally Turner of Vermont starts her seeds in a tissue box then places the box inside a plastic bag, using the bag like a mini greenhouse. 

What a great idea!

Other ideas include:

  • Store manuals and instructions for outdoor equipment. Keep the bag in the garage or shed where the equipment is stored for easy reference.
  • Keep a small one by the washing machine to collect stray socks. When the bag is full pair up the socks and toss or recycle the ones that have no match.
  • Keep a couple in your car for muddy shoes or wet clothes.
  • Use as a wet bag for beach towels and bathing suits.
  • Keep the kids activity books in them in the car. The books will be in much better condition than if they are loose in the car.
  • Keep in your suitcase for dirty clothes.
  • Pack shoes in them in your suitcase so shoes aren’t touching your clean clothes.
  • Store games and puzzles in them when the boxes have been destroyed.
  • Collect items in them that need to be dry cleaned.
  • Use as a travel bag for toiletries. This is great for kids going to camp.
  • Keep first aid supplies in them and keep it in your car, RV or boat.

What would you add to the list?


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