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Organizing Tools That Work

It should be no surprise to anyone that I really like The Container Store. Although the newly opened Salem NH Container Store is smaller than the Peabody MA store it is nice to have a Container Store close to home.

But truth be told I like any store that carries organizing products. Bed Bath and Beyond has a great selection and sometimes I find just what I’m looking for and save a little money at TJ MAXX, Home Goods or Marshalls.

One of my favorite products sold at The Container Store is the Lucite magazine holder.

It’s great for organizing mail, bills, as well as catalogs and magazines. Magazine holders can be found elsewhere but The Container Store is the only place I’ve found ones made of Lucite.


Recently I was in Ocean State Job Lots and saw this item.

I knew I could use these at home in my pantry.

The best part about them is they stack. Anything that uses vertical space is a favorite of mine.

I bought 2 sets; one set was slightly deeper than the other. Each bin was $5.99.

When I got home I decided to put potatoes and onions in one set.

Then I took the deeper set and put all the bags of beans in the bottom bin and placed the cans of beans in the top bin. Like things together right?

In both cases I gained shelf space because I was making better use of vertical space.

Another item that’s easy to find are these long narrow bins.

There’re a great solution for the small items that get lost in the back of your cabinet, pantry or even your refrigerator.

Use them to store spices, small boxes like Jell-O, baking items like food coloring or sprinkles.

In the refrigerator they hold small jars of sauces or condiments.

If you like to use baskets to organize you know sticky labels just don’t work but bin clips may be the solution.
They are available at The Container Store and Walmart. A set of 3 is $9.99 at both stores.
Full disclosure – I’ve not used these clips myself.

Remember, if you decide to organize your pantry or kitchen cabinets start small so you don’t get overwhelmed and discouraged.

If you have a big pantry don’t take the whole thing apart at one time. Start with one shelf. Put like thinks together and place the oldest food in the front.

Look for ways to improve the organization to gain space.

If you’d like help I’m here and happy to help you.

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