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120 Organizing Tips

In July 2011 I published my first Quick Tips Newsletter/Blog. I hesitated starting a blog because I knew if I started one I would have to committee to publishing it on a regular bases and I was worried I would run out of interesting and helpful topics. I also wondered if anyone would read it.

Ten years has passed and I’m excited to report that I’ve published a blog every month without fail.

That totals 120 months and 120 blogs.

Not only did I publish monthly but for the first seven years or so I was fanatical about getting it out on the second Thursday of the month. In the last few years I’ve relaxed that standard. Did you notice? I’m sure you didn’t; I was the only one hung up on that self-imposed rule.

Somehow I was able to come up with new topics/tips each month, sometimes thanks to your suggestions. “The Old Sailor”, an A.A. Milne poem about a sailor who was shipwrecked and struggled prioritizing tasks, was sent to me by a client and became one of my favorite issues. That generated lots of comments from readers.

You also requested articles about organizing a car, Legos, kids art work and your time, to name a few.

I always appreciated your requests.

Over the years I often discussed my husband’s struggles with being organized and what tips worked for him, a man who is not “naturally organized”. Did you know he read most of the issues, regardless of the topic, before I published them? He’s been my trusted editor and I thank him for his insight and dedication.

The most rewarding aspect of publishing monthly was discovering that lots of people read Quick Tips.

You gave me wonderful feedback and sometimes shared your own organizing ideas and solutions.

Thank you so much for taking the time to let me know you enjoyed reading my blog. It meant a lot!

Please celebrate this milestone with me! I’d love to hear your thoughts and experiences with Quick Tips. You’re invited to email me or comment on my Facebook page.

Let’s see what the next ten years will bring shall we?

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