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20 Things Organizers Would Never Have In Their Homes!

As many of you know I’m a member of the National Association of Productivity and Organizing Professionals (NAPO).

A few months ago a thread went around in our chat room asking what we as organizers and productivity experts would never have in our homes.

I’m not a big fan of declaring “never” about anything but I thought you might get a kick out of reading this.

My addition to the list is #20. I feel so strongly about this that I wrote a blog about it.

What would you add to the list?

Does this encourage you to toss something you have in your home right now?

1. Tons of vases.
2. A bunch of chopsticks, plastic sporks, and teeny-weeny little salt and paper packages.
3. Extra condiments that pile up from take-out food.
4. Text books and class notes from schools I have graduated from many years ago.
5. Books, toys and clothing for grandchildren that have not yet been conceiver.
6. Toys, baby things and clothing children have outgrown knowing you won’t have another child.
7. Promotional free items one picks up at work fairs, conferences, etc.
8. Encyclopedias.
9. Books/manuals, educational conference materials from jobs I no longer have.
10. Single mismatched socks
11. Outdated magazines
12. Outdated electronics and cords that I cannot identify.
13. A “Flintstone Closet “! Fred Flintstone had a closet on the carton where it was so packed that a bowling ball fell on his head .
14. A ton of memorabilia and print photos. Just one shoe-box size full is enough!
15. Bedding for a bed I no longer own in that size.
16. Logoed coffee mugs from your realtor or etched wine glasses from an event.
17. Old food containers, like cool whip containers, now being reused as food storage containers!
18. Wire hangers.
19. Rolls of wrapping paper for every occasion in an amount that will allow every person on Earth to receive a wrapped gift. Instead: To keep the volume down but still be prepared, stock plain paper in a few different colors with occasion-themed bows & stickers in an amount that will last through one year.
20. A storage unit – I’ve seen too many clients, (and 1 relative) pay hundreds of dollars for them for years only to throw out most of the content.

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