How to declutter your kids’ artwork while keeping what matters

A few weeks ago I was contacted by Jean Levasseur, a writer working with Popular Science Magazine in their parenting beat. He asked if I was interested in providing some insight into a story he was writing about organizing kids’ crafts and papers.

I thought you might be interested in reading his article.

How to declutter your kids’ artwork while keeping what matters

Not all paper mache projects spark joy.


If your kids are anything like mine, they love paper. Cutting paper. Gluing paper. Drawing on paper. Tearing paper. Hanging paper. The mounds of art, scraps, and supplies can be overwhelming, and getting rid of them is not easy—not when even the tiniest doodle could be a treasure you think you’ll cherish dearly when your children grow up.

But you can’t turn your house into a museum dedicated to your offsprings’ formative years. Creating an easy, manageable system to handle your kids’ paper projects is only the first step in reclaiming your buried dining room table, while still giving your kids a chance to explore and display their boundless creativity.

The importance of a clean space

Having a cluttered house isn’t just a nuisance, but a distraction and even a source of stress, fatigue, and depression. On the other hand, researchers of physical education at Indiana University found that a clean and organized home directly correlates to a healthier, more physically active lifestyle.

A tidier space isn’t just good for the parents’, either. Lorraine Falcone, a certified professional organizer and founder of home organizing service Naturally Organized, says putting things away is an opportunity to teach children to have a healthy relationship with “stuff,” and for them to learn why they shouldn’t keep everything they’ve ever made or owned.

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