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How We’ve Changed!

I know December and January are the traditional months to reflect on the past year but this March represents another anniversary that requires reflection – we’ve lived with the Corona virus in the U.S. for 1 year. Remember when we thought we’d be dealing with this for 3-4 weeks? Boy were we naïve!

During this pandemic our home became our safe place, safe from the virus, but if the home wasn’t well organized it also became a stressful place; it was harder to ignore the disorganization.

To make the home more comfortable organizing and cleaning the house became a popular past time during the stay at home order. Based on the lines I experienced at Goodwill I’d say many folks purged closets and decluttered too.

After 12 months of living with this pandemic our lives have changed in many ways. I’d like you to reflect on how these changes have affected you in regards to your home organization.

One change I’ve noticed with me and most clients is our shopping habits. The ongoing health threat has forced many of us to limit, if not totally stop, our in person shopping trips. Now I only go into a store if I need something. I’ve not just “dropped in to browse” for many months.

Before COVID hit one client of mine would take an elderly friend to do errands every Friday. Every week she’d find something for herself or her grandkids that she couldn’t resist buying.

These shopping trips always resulted in bags of things collecting around the house. We’d address these piles when she and I worked together but the constant flow of stuff coming into her home challenged her ability to stay organized.

Due to their concerns for COVID these friends stopped shopping all together months ago. This client doesn’t like to shop on line so she noticed a huge difference in how organized her home stayed now that fewer things were coming into the home.

It makes sense right? The less you own the easier it is to keep it organized.

If you’re an on line shopper you may have found that you’re buying more now that you have more time in front of your computer.

It’s so easy to purchase things on line; ads pop up on your screen all the time. Impulse control can be a real challenge not to mention dealing with all those cardboard boxes. And when do you get around to returning the unwanted items?

Have you changed your shopping habits?

If so, how have your new shopping habits affected your home organization?

Shopping habits are just one example of what’s changed in the last year. I’m sure you can identify many more aspects of your home life that have changed.

The point is that being aware of how you live, what you like and dislike and your habits, good or bad, makes a huge difference in your ability to be and stay organized.

Take time now to think about the changes in your life during the last 12 months. How have they changed your ability to live an organized life?

Take time to reflect on the improvements you’ve made. Enjoy your successes!

What about the future?

Which changes, made because of the pandemic, have affected you so positively you’ll stick with them after this is over?

What changes have affected you negatively? What can you do about that? What are you waiting for to take that step? How will those improvements affect your life?

I know some of these questions aren’t easily answered. But being aware and thinking with a positive, can do attitude is half the battle.

If you need help, I am doing virtual and in-person organizing sessions following the CDC guidelines.

Want to discuss how I might help you? Call or text 603-821-0736– no obligation just a casual discussion about the possibilities.

Stay safe.


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