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How to Tackle Abandoned Projects.

How many projects are hanging around your home in various stages of completion? If you’re like most you have at least a hand full of projects that have been forgotten or abandoned hanging around cluttering up your space. What was once meant to create enjoyment and a sense of accomplishment now only adds to your daily anxiety. But don’t despair! Follow these tips and you’ll make significant progress in organizing and completing those forgotten projects.

Prioritize: Before you dive headfirst into the pile of projects waiting for you, weed out the ones that are no longer relevant, like the baby blanket that was meant for the child that’s now 8 years old. Also if the project is more overwhelming than exciting, get rid of it!

Make it obvious: If possible designate one space in your home to store all the projects you’ve started. They’ll all be in one spot when you’re ready to work on them again.

Make the time: No time to knit that hat or build that new shelving unit? Whether it’s due to procrastination or a busy schedule, making time to complete projects is the first step towards beating the stalemate. Decide to set aside time each week to devote to a project then commit to it by putting it on your calendar. Look for opportunities to multitask; sort pictures while watching TV for example. If the project isn’t worth putting it on your calendar is it worth doing it at all?

Increase your odds: The more enticing a project is, the more likely you are to not only start it but also finish it! Turn a scrap-booking project into a get together with family or friends. If that’s not possible during this time of social distancing show your progress each week on Facebook or via email. Are any of these projects intended to be gifts? Do you want them to sit for another year? Now’s the time to finish those projects and give as gifts this holiday season. Declutter your house and create gifts it’s a win- win.

Start small: Don’t choose the most complicated project first. Start with something small, such as hanging art on the wall. Break down larger projects into steps; spend an hour each week on your genealogy archiving or every Saturday morning organize your basement until it’s done. The project will seem less daunting this way and your motivation and confidence will increase as you complete each task.

Set limits: Don’t start a new project until you’ve completed all the ones you’ve started. This will have a huge impact on reducing the clutter in your home. It will take some practice but it’s worth it! Choosing to be proactive with projects will contribute to your being naturally organized, not only in the short term but in the long term too! Decide that today is the day to attack the clutter and start that project ASAP!

Good luck; I know you can do it!


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