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10 Things You Can Throw Out Right Now.

You’ve heard me say it before – build your decision making muscle by tackling the easy decisions first.
Well, here is the ultimate list of easy things to toss or recycle right now.
  1. Old ink cartridges that don’t fit your current printer.
  2. Belts that don’t fit and/or are out of style.
  3. Bags of bags. Okay, you need some but you probably have way more than you need.
  4. Magazines. If you haven’t read them by now when will you read them?
  5. Old cosmetics and those free samples you haven’t used.
  6. Swag from conferences and fairs. It’s just cluttering the junk drawer.
  7. Phone books if you look numbers up on line.
  8. Carry out menus. You can get the info on-line.
  9. Partially burned candles & old birthday candles.
  10. Dried up pens and markers.

These items are no longer useful to you and are just getting in your way. Get rid of them and make space for thing you actually use. Who knows, while you’re throwing away these 10 items, you may find other things that are obvious “easy decisions” to toss. Celebrate this small win!!


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