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Simple Tips to Get Your Car Organized.

Do you panic when someone says “let’s use your car”? It’s so full of paperwork, returns you need to make, the kids/grand kids sporting equipment, toys and groceries you haven’t had time to unpack that you can’t see the seats. You wonder how it became a collection of clutter on wheels.

It’s not surprising when you consider how much time some of us, me included, spend in our car; it’s become an extension of our home and office.
Of course when we arrive home we’re thinking of what we need to do next and often forget about the car and its contents until the next time we get in it.
How do you keep your car clutter free but still have the necessities on hand? Follow these simple tips:
  • Start by deciding what you really need in your car and remove what you don’t need.
  • Each season you’ll want to remove the off season gear, like sand toys and beach chairs, to make room for what you’ll need in the current season, like an ice scrapper and small shovel.
  • Ask yourself what can be in the trunk versus what has to be handy.
  • Keep your car neat by containing the contents.
  • Put coupons for restaurants, department stores etc. in a coupon divider or small photo album in the glove box so they’re handy when you need them.
  • If your passenger seat is usually full of papers, electronics and office supplies the High Road Swing Away Organizer can be found at Bed Bath and Beyond and Amazon. It’ll help corral these supplies keeping them within reach yet it’s easy to swing out of the way if you need the seat for a passenger.
  • Place a bin in the middle of the back seat so the kids can keep their toys within reach. If you can’t afford to lose the middle seat the High Road Swing Away can be placed on the back of a front seat putting it within reach of the kids.
  • A place for trash is a must. There are many models to choose from. Some can be strapped over the back of the front seats for the kids use.
  • Empty the trash container whenever you stop for gas.
  • Another option to contain small amounts of trash or odds and ends is the Catcher Bag by Simply Prudence Creations. I own one and have used it in my car, on my bike and in my office. They come in many different designs.
  • A can of moist wipes in the cup holder is great for quick clean ups and sticky fingers.
  • Keep a car vacuum in the car for quick and regular clean ups. Black & Decker PAV 12V Dustbuster Car Vac is one of many car vacuums.
  • Create a habit where everyone is responsible for pitching in to clean the car. Make a game out of it for the little ones by hiding a little prize to be found while picking up the clutter.
Let’s not forget safety:
  • You should always keep basic safety items like a flashlight, and your phone charger in your glove box.
  • Assemble an emergency kit and keep it in your trunk: include jumper cables, a blanket (especially in the winter), flares, a first aid kit, duct tape, etc. You can purchase these kits pre-assembled.
  • Keep your car registration and insurance card in your wallet. If you share the car keep them in your glove box. Put your insurance reps phone number in your phone so you’re never without it.
Your car can be more enjoyable to be in and work more efficiently when it’s well organized.
Who knows maybe you’ll volunteer to use your car next time!
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